The Mason Jar Lager Co

| A Taste of Southern Hospitality 

The Mason Jar Lager Company is know for its great beer and casual environment. Approaching their establishment you will smell good food, hear live music, and find a space for adults and kids to play. It is small town simple with a liveliness you can’t beat.

Their beer line shares the same spirit. The package design needed to align and be just as approachable and youthful. As well as share some of the history of it’s location.

The Cub Club

| Kind and Cuddly

The Cub Club are personalized gift sets whose funds go to the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. People purchase these gifts for first time mothers or donate them to kids undergoing treatment. They serve as a reminder to patients that they are not alone. The Cub Club is fighting with you!

The character design is kind and cuddly with soft colors and an adorable howling stance. Customers can personalize the hang tag, shirts, and prints.

Civil Magazine

| Creative Impact

Civil Magazine is a publication that strives to share the people’s voice in a positive, peaceful manner. The goal is to communicate tough topics and bring to light how decisions made at all levels of government affect us.

The logo is a black and white unbalanced scale. Freedom and Liberty is not so black and white and the stories told outline that. The unbalanced scale aligns with not everyone is treated equal. And lastly, the name. The magazine is for the people and how to execute change today.

Color Me Beautiful

| Transformation

Color Me Beautiful popularized seasonal color analysis. They are the personal color authority, brining you a color cosmetic assortment that is sure to enhance your own personal palette.

Taking their methods and designing a mobile app will help Color Me Beautiful achieve their full beauty potential in the digital age. Additionally, going mobile will reach a new generation. The makeup and beauty market is at a all time high with social media and influencers. An app like this is a game changer for this brand.

The concept behind the app is to try on ‘your season’ virtually and purchase conveniently in the same platform.



The Big Idea Conference

| Community

Meet Jane. She is a photographer. She lives for the best light and coffee. She finds herself hustling as an entrepreneur to find her ideal client. She works from home and she misses the social and collaboration aspect of a corporate job.

The Big Idea Conference provides community and inspiration to women in the creative industry of photography. Are you looking to gather, inspire, and capture?

The conference is taking over a local coffee shop and Jane can’t wait to listen to speakers, meet new friends, and sip delicious hot coffee.


The Big Idea Conference’s is active on Instagram and provides exciting information and images as the event approaches. The link in the profile takes Jane to The Big Idea Conference’s website, where she can download a free desktop or mobile wallpaper.

Jane remembers seeing the painted elephant online and follows signs to the event. She arrives at the coffee shop and takes a selfie with the chalkboard sign outside. She is greeted with The Big Idea Conference swag bag. With excitement she eagerly puts on the t-shirt inside. She then grabs a cup of coffee and mingles with other photographers before the event begins.

Ad1Sign & Facade UK edition 1Small Canvas Tote Bag MockUpTBICTeePaper Cup MockUp PSD

Behind the Design

I chose an elephant to emphasize the ‘big’ in The BIG Idea Conference. Also, because we associate elephants with memory. This is great for a few reasons. We want to remember this event. Before it starts, to attend. And afterwards, to become part of this community. Photographers need memory cards! Many, many, memory cards and storage to be successful in their field. I wanted several positions and to showcase action with the elephant. Photographers do whatever it takes to get the right shot and they move around a lot. This audience will align more with a logo that shows expression. Jane relates to this elephant on many levels.

I chose the light bulb, yes obvious, but really for two reasons. The first, to emphasize the “idea” in The Big IDEA Conference. Also because lighting is EVERYTHING to photographers. Like I said earlier, Jane lives for lighting.

ORANGE joy, warmth, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, and expression.

TURQUOISE feminine, calming, sophisticated, energy, wisdom, serenity, wholeness, creativity, emotional balance, and friendship.

YELLOW positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honor, and loyalty.

BLACK strength, seriousness, power, and authority.